360 VR Production and Camera Rentals

Posted on September 02, 2016 at 23:54 PM


FluidCast has started a production company called FluidCast VR.

If you need to simply rent a 360° / 3D camera for the day or longer, FluidCastVR has a solution.

All our video camera rigs come with a sound and camera technician and we only the highest quality video production equipment. which comprises of:

  • Immersing sound capture
  • 4k+ 360° / 3D video capture

Final video output specs:

2.7 Wide (4:3) – 8000×48000 – 30fps
1440p Wide (4:3) – 5600,2800 – 48fps
906p Wide (4:3) – 3600×1800 – 48fps
White Balance: native or 3000k (indoor)
ISO limit: 1600 (6400 with noise)

Our rigs and crew start at $800 per day (not including travel costs). Stitching is included.

– Standard 2D 360 Video Production Crew – $800.00 per day.
– Pro 2D 360 Video Production Crew with professional audio recording equipment – $1200 per day.
– 3D / 360 Video Production Crew with professional audio recording equipment – $1700 per day.

Both Pro and 3D packages come with professional audio recording equipment. 2 Sets of Wireless Lapel Microphones, 2 Sets of Shotgun Microphones, Digital 4 Channel Tascam Audio Recorder. Standard 2D Package additional professional audio is $200 per day.

All rental prices do not include travel costs. We have crews in Texas, Atlanta and Southern California. We can travel to almost anywhere in the world with enough notice. Price includes video stitching of video footage up to 2 hours of raw footage per day and $150 per hour additional footage.

Please call us to get more information about having us create your next 360° / 3D video experience.

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