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Don’t just stream your content, monetize it!

The FluidCast Platform is a new revolutionary online solution for content monetization.

 Just some of the reasons why you should use the FluidCast Live Streaming Software:

Stop Losing money on Social Networks

1. Do you have millions of views on your YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter social network accounts? If you are not translating these views directly into a paid customer then you are losing money. Clients using the FluidCast Live Streaming Software promote their content on their social networks and integrate multiple direct selling methods to get their customers to buy their products.

Sell your content not Ads

online-advertising-tvads2. Making money does not just mean selling ads. Just trying to share in a vast pool of advertising revenue from YouTube or other similar sites means that all your work to produce compelling content never translates to owning your own customer. Large sites make all the money while you work hard to produce content. You can up-sell your content with an array of product offerings that you can provide your customers if you controlled your own web-destination.

Create your own digital and physical product storefront instantly!Recent-Changes-In-Consumer-Online-Shopping-Behaviors-5

3. Managing your own website is a complex and time-consuming task. Our expert marketing and technical team take all of this hard work and transform it into a ready to use and ready to make money web and mobile site capable of allowing you to sell products, pay-per-view video rentals, subscriptions and much more.

Utilize the latest technologies to sell your content.

4. Our 360 VR  Mobile APPS, Broadcasting APPS and custom built Mobile APPS can be modified to create your own mobile customer experience. We are also experts in payment transactions, reporting analysis and tracking analytics. We make sure your site is converting the best ROI possible.

Optimize your content selling using our exclusive monetizing modules.

5. The FluidCast Live Streaming Software has built in modules to optimize the selling any type of digital or physical content. Affiliate module to allow users to get a percentage from converted traffic which they bring. Coupon modules, Taxation Modules, Reporting Modules, Social Posting Modules and much more. If we do not have something you need, our team can build it!

Instantly integrate your billing company.


6. The FluidCast Live Streaming Software is integrated with many billing companies. There is no complex programming or integration required to start making money. We are compatible with PayPal, and a host of others billing companies. We also have APIs built specifically to easily integrate any billing company we are not currently integrated with. We also allow your users to create accounts just like Amazon, where they can make repeat purchases without having to enter their credit card information each time.

Publish and monetize your content in any language, any currency to any web-enabled device.

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7. The FluidCast Live Streaming Software can sell on any device. Your user’s can load credits and redeem them on any web-enabled device such as; Desktops or Laptops, SmartTVs, IPTV, Android TV Boxes, Mobile Devices, Roku and many more.

Run your own site in minutes without having to learn complex software development.


8. The FluidCast Live Streaming Software is an all-in-one content monetization system. There is no need to run multiple sites in order to get all the money-making functions you need to monetize your content. Live or Recorded Videos – membership subscriptions, pay-per-view, pay-per-time; Live or Recorded Streaming Audio, Photos, E-Books, Products. Every content item managed by the FluidCast platform can interact with another to create bundled product offerings.

Integrate content for monetizing from any external video source.


9. The FluidCast Live Streaming Software can ingest content from almost anywhere. Add embed content from YouTube or push your content to YouTube, Import products from Amazon or Post Products to Amazon. FluidCast works with any video external video player and allows you to import video content from Ustream, YouTube, BrightCove, Facebook or anywhere else.

Customize your site’s user interface and own your customer base.


10. As a client you control your own look and feel of your site. You have total control to change our themes, upload content via your own FTP account to make bulk updates. FluidCast has its own transcoder system and we work with many of the largest CDNs in the World.

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